Illustrated Poem Restoration

An illustrated poem.

Christ and Christmas is an illustrated poem that has been in publication since the late nineteenth century. We utilized digital advancements in photography, restoration, and printing to create the most truthful representation of the illustrations to date.
Two-piece cloth cover with gold and bronze foil stamping
Interior spreads
Original illustration (left) was over 100 years old and water damaged. The right side of the illustration is discolored and scratched. The restored version (right) was retouched with a duotone applied.
When the book was first published, the illustration was finalized in the stat copy phase. Over time, the stat copies deteriorated (top left from 1910 and top middle from 1927). The archives found a preserved illustration that was very close to the final (top right). With guidance from the archives, I used all three images to create a new digital composite with the illustration as my foundation.
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